Celebrate Good Times!!!

toasting.jpgHUZZAH!!  HUZZAH!!  The champagne fountains are flowing, and the shirtless waiters (buxom waitresses for the guys) are moving among us with trays of bubbly.  So grab a flute and raise a glass, because we have something incredible to toast!  Everybody ready?  Here’s to our very own

KIMBERLY, who has sold a book to Harlequin Mills & Boon!!  Three cheers for Kimberly!

Kimberly, we’ve commissioned a special throne for today, one that’s created to look like an open laptop.  If you’ll take the seat of honor, we want to hear all about it.  Where you were when you got the call, how you reacted, who you told first, how long you’ve been writing, what the book’s about, and when it will be coming out.  Did I forget anything?  If so, everyone feel free to yell out more questions.

Besides the champagne, we’ve stocked the bar with the makings for Godiva martinis.  I’m sure the castle residents will want to contribute their favorite party fare, and I’m thinking specifically of King David and his desserts!  We’ll also keep the cooks in the royal kitchen busy whipping up any delicacy that would tickle your fancy!  This is your day, Kimberly!  Party down!(Kimberly is also partying at The Writing Playground today, so be sure to click on over and wish her a congratulations there as well!)

49 Responses to “Celebrate Good Times!!!”

  1. Nicola Marsh Says:

    Great going, Kimberly! Welcome to the Mod Heat gang

  2. Rachel T. Says:

    Awesome Kimberly !!! Way to go !!!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Mega congrats, Kimberly. Details, dahling, details….

  4. Kira Sinclair AKA Instigator Says:

    I’m raising a teeter-totter in your honor, Kimberly! I’m so excited for you!

  5. Kimberly AKA Problem Child Says:

    They have the Snoopy Dance icon!! And I have reason to use it!

    Thanks so much Queens for opening the castle. Let me get a drink and I’ll regale you with stories!

  6. Rhonda Says:

    for Kimberly! I’m so excited for you!

  7. Marilyn Says:

    We’re all still grinning about this. It’s so exciting! And yes, please do come on over and at the Playground. You can bring your champagne flute with you and we’ll have the nearly-naked dancing boys refill it for you.

  8. Rhonda Says:

    Ooo, Marilyn. Will Captain Jack be nearly naked as well?

  9. Barbara Vey Says:

    I was just at the playground and the party is off to a great start. Thought I’d grab a quick glass of the blubbly here before I’m out and about today.

    Congrats Kimberly!! Well done!!

  10. Jodie Says:

    OMG - as an inspiring writer I am so excited for you. I have tingling goosebumps and feel like jumping on my own couch for you!!!!!

    I can’t wait to hear all the details!!! Congrats!

  11. Tina Martinesi Says:

    Kimberly Congratulations!!

  12. PC's Mom Says:

    Yes, PC’s news is all those and more rolled into one!!

    Thank you s for your support.

    Excuse me while I have a chocolate martini and join PC in the Snoopy happy dance.

  13. Andrea AKA Smarty Pants Says:


    What was that about chocolate martinis??

  14. Lynn Raye Harris Says:

    This is the kind of news writers LOVE to celebrate!!!! It always feels good when someone you know gets The Call they’ve been waiting for! I know how she feels — I got the call, but without the contract, LOL. And it felt AMAZING! So I KNOW this call had to be even better.

  15. Liza Says:

    Congrats Kimberly!

    I’m toasting you with my chocolate martini! Can’t wait to hear all the details.

  16. Kimberly AKA Problem Child Says:

    Pop over to the Playground for the details of “The Call.” (I just love saying that.) Queen Rhonda plays a starring role.

    The first person I called was my Darling Geek, of course. I’m so lucky to have such a supportive hubby. Mom was next, followed by Playfriends, Mavens, Counselor Shelley–and everyone else in my address book. I even called my Mother-in-law! Queen Rhonda was on the phone with Queen Jen when I called her, so they both got the news at the same time. I think Rhonda had a phone to each ear relaying the message.

    Jodie and other aspiring Queens–my advice is not to give up. I got pulled from the slushpile because the editor liked my voice–the book itself had to be totally rewritten.

    Now, don’t get mad at me (because I hate it when I hear this), but this was the first book I wrote. But I *re-wrote* it several times, and wrote other books since then. Yeah, I learned a lot in the 2 1/2 years in the middle.

    Just put my drink in a go-cup ladies, I have rounds to make. I’ll be back by later! Keep partying without me!

  17. Vicki Says:

    I see the party’s in full swing in the castle!! It’s never too early for a chocolate martini. Ah, there’s a shirtless waiter bringing one, now! Kimberly, I’m soooo happy for you!! Whenever you’re ready, we all want to hear the juicy details!

  18. katie Says:

    Yey, Kimberly!!!!

  19. Kimberly AKA Problem Child Says:

    Anyone else think it’s funny my mom accidentally hit the “flying pig” smiley in the middle of the snoopy dancing?

    If she hadn’t called me in a panic about it, I would’ve wondered if she was trying to tell me something…

  20. Laura J Says:

    WTG KIMBERLY!!!!!!

  21. Kira Sinclair AKA Instigator Says:

    I thought it was a pegasus I think it looks more like a horse than a pig.
    I can’t stop smiling for you, PC!

  22. Jennifer Says:

    *snort* when pigs fly…

  23. Kimberly AKA Problem Child Says:

    I’m off for a more Queenly coif. Party on and I’ll be back by later!

  24. Kimberly AKA Problem Child Says:

    Hit “submit” too soon.

    The Playfriends say I have “Mood Hair”–as giddy as I am, who knows what I’ll look like this afternoon. (Must not go overboard with the dye…

  25. Kathy Says:

    Well done, Kimberly!

    to hear your news!!! for you. Toasting to your success! and hunting down the nearly naked guys to celebrate.

  26. Jodie Says:

    Kimberly you said just what I needed to hear to keep me going today. I’ve rewritten my first story - well, I’m in the process of rewriting it for the 3rd time - but what keeps me going is that I get lots of positive feedback on my voice. I hear that the characters are great, they like my voice…add more conflict.

    I’ve also written a novella and have actually finalled in a contest with that (waiting with fingers crossed for the final word) and I’ve been writing about the same length of time as you! Fingers and toes crossed that I can follow in your footsteps all the way! Congrats again!

  27. Vicki Says:

    Ah, the way the posts fall, mine came after Kimberly’s letting us know the whole story is over at the Playground! I glimpsed Cap’n Jack over there, ladies.

    Lynn, a to you, and I’m sure it won’t be long, given your success so far. Jodie, hang in there! I think it’s significant that Kimberly sold on the strength of her voice. I was confused about voice for years, but I finally figured out it’s the way I write when I’m goofing around!

    about PC’s mom and the ! I can see how she’d get so excited she’d just start clicking icons, and that one does look pretty happy.

    Have fun at the salon, Kimberly! I’m sure you’ll be the talk of the place!

  28. Robin Says:


    Woo hoo! And yippee! And that’s so fantastic! I’m so thrilled for you, and like Jodie, I got goosebumps at your news! You’re an inspiration to us aspiring writers! Enjoy the day! You rock!

  29. Rhonda Says:

    I didn’t even notice the in PC’s Mom’s post!

    (And yes, I did have a phone held to each ear when Kim called me back to share the “official” news, though I suspected from the message I got to hear what was coming. )

  30. Andrea AKA Smarty Pants Says:

    Still snickering about the

  31. Colleen Says:

    Whoohoo Congrats!!!

  32. Sherry W. Says:

    Congratulations Kim!!! I’m so happy for you! Enjoy your parties!

  33. Vicki Says:

    I just checked out the dessert table, and the royal chefs have prepared a chocolate mousse cake! Oh, and here come some more, with chocolate curls on the top, and little signs saying CONGRATULATIONS, KIMBERLY! stuck in the middle of each cake. I’m cutting myself a piece right now! Dig in, everyone! I hear there’s a carrot cake on the way, too.

  34. Rhonda Says:

    Ooo, how about some carrot cheesecake? Yum!

  35. Susan C Says:

    Congratulations, Kimberly!

  36. Jennifer Says:

    I want to know what color Kimberly’s hair turned out.

  37. Estella Says:

    Wtg, Kimberly!!

  38. Kimberly AKA Problem Child Says:

    My hair is fabulous! A lighter, more coppery, color with blonde highlights and a really cool cut. My hairdresser was so excited to hear about my sale that she had a good time playing…

    I picked up some petit fours while I was out…

  39. Vicki Says:

    Your hair sounds fabulous, Kimberly! I hope your stylist remembers how she did it so she can replicate it before the conference. Ah, petit fours! Are you sharing?

    Rhonda, I just checked, and the chefs are finishing up a carrot cheesecake.

  40. Danniele AKA Playground Angel Says:

    Okay, let’s see if this post will go through. I tried earlier today, but my computer has developed an annoying aversion to letting my comments show up here.

    Anyway… SQUEEEE on the book contract AND the mood hair. Can’t wait to see it. There should be celebrating with lots of fabu shoes and a new formal dress for SanFran.

    We you so much! May your publishing journey be long and happy.

    Did I hear someone say cake….

  41. Danniele AKA Playground Angel Says:

    Yay! It went through on the first try.

  42. Andrea AKA Smarty Pants Says:

    The people I work with keep insisting that I…well, work, dangit.

    It’s completely cramping my party mood. I think a slice of carrot cheesecake might just do the trick.

  43. Liza Says:

    I’ll take some of the chocolate mousse cake with a martini. Very stressful day since I was in the castle this morning.

  44. Vicki Says:

    Liza, here’s your cake and your very potent martini! Could you use a massage? I can set that up in a jiffy!

  45. Vicki Says:

    Danniele, have seconds on the cake! Glad you could finally get through.

    And Andrea, you must be finished with that yucky work by now and can relax.

    Kimberly, thanks for giving us all such a great reason to party. You may sell a hundred books, and I hope you do! But you’ll never forget selling this first one.

  46. catslady Says:

    Big congratulations, Kimberly!!!!

  47. Kimberly AKA Problem Child Says:

    I’m pooped. Today has been a wonderful day all the way around. Thank you, Queens, for opening up the castle to me today and for hosting such a wonderful party.

  48. limecello Says:

    Congratulations, Kimberly! Cheers!

  49. fedora Says:

    Hooray, Kimberly! Late to the party but still wanted to add my congratulations!! Yippee!