Other Editions

Magnate's Mistress...Accidentally Pregnant! (UK)
United Kingdom
Magnate’s Mistress… Accidentally Pregnant!
Mills & Boon Modern Heat, September 2009.

Magnate's Mistress... Accidentally Pregnant! (Australia)
Magnate’s Mistress… Accidentally Pregnant!
Harlequin Mills & Boon Sexy Sensation, November 2009.

Die süßeste Versuchung ~ Magnate's Mistress… Accidentally Pregnant! (Germany)
Die süßeste Versuchung …
Cora Julia, June 2010.

Armonia di Sensi ~ Magnate's Mistress... Accidentally Pregnant! (Italy)
Armonia di sensi
Harmony Sensual, July 2010.

Meer dan een flirt ~ Magnate's Mistress... Accidentally Pregnant! (Netherlands)
Meer dan een flirt
Harlequin Intiem, July 2010.

Καυτή Περιπέτεια ~ Magnate's Mistress… Accidentally Pregnant! (Greece)
Καυτή Περιπέτεια
ΑΡΛΕΚΙΝ Desire, September 2010.

Любительница приключений ~ Magnate's Mistress… Accidentally Pregnant! (Russia)
Любительница приключений
Harlequin, 2010.

Wakacje na Karaibach ~ Magnate's Mistress… Accidentally Pregnant! (Poland)
Wakacje na Karaibach
Harlequin Światowe Życie DUO, May 2011.

Momentos de amor ~ Magnate's Mistress… Accidentally Pregnant! (Brazil)
Momentos de Amor
Sob o sol do Caribe
Harlequin Jessica, May 2011.

A favor del viento ~ Magnate's Mistress… Accidentally Pregnant! (Spain)
A favor del viento
Harlequin Iberica Julia, May 2012.

謎めいた愛人 ~ Magnate’s Mistress… Accidentally Pregnant! (Japan)
Harlequin Romances, June 2013.

Nászút egy személyre ~ Magnate’s Mistress… Accidentally Pregnant! (Hungary)
Nászút egy személyre
Harlequin Romana Gold, June 2013.

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Magnate's Mistress...Accidentally Pregnant!

USA Today Bestseller!

Ally Smith might have dumped her cheating fiancé, but she refuses to waste her nonrefundable honeymoon in the Caribbean!

Trying to embrace her freedom, Ally meets sexy stranger Chris Wells…. Not recognizing him as the famous thrill-seeking tycoon, Ally throws caution to the wind and allows Chris, with his hot body, to sweep her into an even hotter summer fling!

But back home Ally realizes that, unlike her tan, memories of their wild night will never fade…. Oh-so-sensible Ally is pregnant by the playboy!


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“You came on a Caribbean vacation by yourself?” Even though Ally had been wandering the dock alone, Chris assumed she had friends or family somewhere on the island.

“It’s a long story, but, yes.”

He started to ask another question but she cut him off.

“Seriously, it’s a long, boring story. But I’m here now, and I’m making the most of it. I’ve tried new foods, let the spa spread mud all over me, and now I’ve been on a boat for the first time. I’d say I’m off to a good start.”

He was still reeling at the mental image of Ally nude while mud was painted sensuously across her breasts. He cleared his throat. “You’re quite the adventurer.”

She beamed, her brown eyes lighting up. “I wouldn’t go that far. But I am taking baby steps.” Ally closed her eyes and leaned back to enjoy the sun. It was an artlessly erotic pose – back arched, breasts thrust temptingly towards him, the gentle curve of her neck exposed. “This is wonderful. The wind and the water are very relaxing.”

He was anything but relaxed. “Would you like to go out?” he blurted.

Ally sat up and opened her eyes, the shock readily apparent. “I’m sorry, what?”

Well, that hadn’t been his smoothest move. He cleared his throat. “Sailing. Would you like to go out sailing tomorrow?”

“Oh, I don’t know…”

“Come on. It’ll be fun.”

“I’ve never—”

“I thought you were being adventurous on your vacation.”

Ally shifted uncomfortably. “There’s adventurous and then there’s the fact I’m not a very good swimmer.”

“The chances of you going overboard are pretty slim unless you jump.”

Ally looked over the mess he’d made of Circe, a wary look in her eye. “But—”

He followed her gaze and laughed. “Not on Circe. She’s not up for company yet. I’ll borrow a little cat or something. Start slow.”

Confusion furrowed Ally’s forehead. “A cat?”

“Catamaran. Like the ones you see on the beach down there.”

She looked to where he was pointing and nodded. “It’s kinda big, don’t you think, for my first time? Maybe something smaller, like those over there?” She pointed to some dinghies tied up at the dock.

“Ah, Ally, you don’t want to start too small. You want to get the full experience.” He dropped his voice and teased, “Bigger really is better, you know. It’s not the same sensation at all.”

She caught her lip in her teeth, the picture of indecision. “Um…”

“We’ll take it really slow and give you some time to get comfortable. We won’t go very far until you’re sure you’re ready. Just nice and easy.” He stroked her arm and gooseflesh rose under his fingers. “We won’t go too fast, I promise – unless you decide you want to, of course. And I think you will once you get into it. Otherwise, you can relax and let me do all the work while you just enjoy yourself.”

Ally’s eyes were wide and dark as she exhaled gently. “Are we still talking about sailing?”

Who cares about sailing? He stopped and gave himself a strong mental shake. “Of course. Well? Are you game?” He could see the indecision in her eyes. She wanted to go, but something was holding her back. “Are you afraid? Of the water?”

She hesitated as she looked away. “No. Not afraid, just not any good – I mean, I’m not a good swimmer.”

“Do you trust me?”

One eyebrow went up. “I’ve known you for less than an hour. No, I don’t trust you.”

Ally was a breath of fresh air – and honest to a fault. “I’m hurt,” he teased.

Cutting her eyes sideways at him, she amended her statement. “But I don’t distrust you either.”

That easy grin was really starting to work on him. “It’s a start.”

“And you did save me from Fred.”

“Very true. Surely that merits something.”

“If you were a Boy Scout, maybe a badge of some sort.” She bit her lip again, sending a jolt through him. “But I don’t think you’re a Boy Scout.”

“You do know how to wound a man. I may not be a Boy Scout, but I am a good sailor. You needn’t have any worries about surviving the experience. I’ll bet you’ll even enjoy it, despite your reservations.”

She didn’t pick up the gauntlet, but she was coming around. “How about the medium-sized one? I can work my way up from there.”

“How about dinner instead? If you still want to start small after that, then I’ll get the dinghy. But I think you’ll come to see the benefits of not setting your sights too low.”

Confusion crinkled her beautiful face, and it took all he had not to reach for her and drag her below, but there was nothing below but a couple of narrow bunks, completely useless for what he had in mind. “Dinner?” she asked.

He feigned shock. “Of course. You don’t expect me to go sailing with a woman I barely know, do you?”

Ally laughed and nudged him with an elbow. “I don’t know what to expect from you.”

“Just a good time, that much I can assure you.” For us both.



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