2011 Maggie Winner: Contemporary Series

Virginia Romance Writers' 2011 HOLT Medallion Winner ~ Short Contemporary

RT Reviewers’ Choice Finalist

RT Reviewers’ Choice Finalist

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Other Editions

What Happens in Vegas... (UK)
United Kingdom
What Happens In Vegas…
Mills & Boon Modern Heat, August 2010.

What Happens in Vegas (Australia)
What Happens In Vegas…
Mills & Boon Sexy, October 2010.

Fusa a las vegas ~ What Happens in Vegas (Italy)
Fusa a las vegas
Harmony Sensual, March 2011.

Een gewaagd plan ~ What Happens In Vegas… (Holland)
Een gewaagd plan
Harlequin Intiem, April 2011.

Une irrépressible passion ~ What Happens In Vegas… (France)
Une irrépressible passion
Harlequin Collection Azur, May 2011.

Wilder Flirt mit süßen Folgen ~ What Happens In Vegas... (German)
Wilder Flirt mit süßen Folgen
Cora Julia, August 2011.

Zdarzyło się w Vegas… ~ What Happens In Vegas… (Poland)
Zdarzyło się w Vegas…
Harlequin Światowe Życie DUO, April 2012.

Pecados em Las Vegas ~ What Happens In Vegas... (Brazil)
Pecados em Las Vegas
Harlequin Jessica, September 2012.

Pasión en Las Vegas ~ What Happens In Vegas… (Spain)
Pasión en Las Vegas
Harlequin Iberica Julia, June 2013.

Mi történt Vegasban? ~ What Happens In Vegas… (Hungary)
Mi történt Vegasban?
Harlequin Júlia különszám, July 2013.

魔法の夜と偽りの求婚 ~ What Happens In Vegas… (Japan)
Harlequin Romances, September 2013.

Pasión en Las Vegas ~ What Happens In Vegas… (Mexico)
Pasión en Las Vegas
Harlequin Iberica Julia, November 2013.

Rakkautta toisella silmäyksellä ~ What Happens In Vegas… (Finland)
Rakkautta toisella silmäyksellä
Harlequin Romantiikka, April 2014.

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What Happens in Vegas

“Lang doesn’t disappoint as she takes readers on an emotional roller coaster with plenty of sizzle.” — RT Book Reviews, 4 1/2 star review


What happens in Vegas…

Southern belle Evie Harrison has learnt to disguise her rebelliousness and be ladylike at all times. But ladies are certainly not supposed to get pregnant from one sinful night with a drop-dead gorgeous stranger!

…is supposed to stay in Vegas!

Evie’s scandalous baby bombshell and the dangerously attractive billionaire Nick Rocco are tantalising gossip-column fodder that could ruin the Harrison family—even a shotgun marriage is better than an illegitimate heir. So Evie says, ‘I do,’ preparing herself for a wedding night more explosive than she dares imagine…

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“You obviously have a problem with me. I don’t know what it is, and at this point, I’m not sure I really care, but I would like to know one thing – why did you marry me in the first damn place?”

Evie threw the question down like a gauntlet. Frustration and anger charged the air around her, and her eyes were lit up and snapping. But Nick knew this wasn’t all just residual anger from her showdown with her brother looking for an outlet; something else simmered beneath the surface.

Although they’d been in close proximity all day, Evie had been distracted, distant even, and he’d had his own thoughts to occupy him. But now her full attention focused on him, and his body reacted immediately, his skin tightening and muscles tensing. Evie’s spacious living room suddenly felt smaller.

He knew Evie felt it too, even through the heat of her anger, as the tension in the air shifted and heated in a completely different way.

Color rode high on her cheekbones, and her hair tumbled wildly around her face and shoulders. She took a step back, her feet faltering under her the tiniest bit.

She cleared her throat and tossed her hair out of her face, resolutely lifting her chin. “Well? Why?”

The obvious answer was the easiest. “Because you’re carrying my baby.”

“That was my option to solve my problem making it all about me, as you’ve so helpfully reminded me, but it doesn’t explain why you’d marry me when…” She stopped as she bit her lip.

That flush now colored the cleavage swelling gently over the neckline of her shirt, and her breath stuttered when she followed his gaze down. “When what, Evie?”

She shook her head slightly and took another step backward. Her back was almost against the wall now – literally – but she squared her shoulders and met his eyes. “When – based on your attitude – you don’t even seem to like me very much,” she finished baldly.

Oh, he had a multitude of reasons to support his “attitude,” as she called it, but only time would tell how accurate his assessment of her would turn out to be and how they’d work out the details. He knew the importance of timing his battles, and it wasn’t time for that battle with Evie just yet.

This situation, though, demanded his immediate attention. The rush of hot blood under Evie’s skin had warmed her perfume, and the heady scent filled his lungs and fired through him every time he inhaled. He took another step toward her, and her eyes widened, the pupils dilating as the sexual tension grew stronger than the anger fueling her. He could tell when her body finally switched gears fully; Evie’s breath turned shallow, and a tiny shiver moved over her skin.

“I never said I didn’t like you.” Another small step and only inches separated them. He braced one hand on the wall beside her head, and her breath stopped completely as he ran a finger over her shoulder and down her arm. Her stance loosened as he leaned forward, pressing his hips against her, letting her feel exactly how much he “liked” her at the moment.

“Nick…” Her voice was a husky whisper, the honeyed drawl of his name on her lips fanning the slow burn in his groin into a bright, painful flame.

God, he wanted her. From the first moment he’d touched her, he’d wanted her, and although that want had landed him in one hell of an awkward situation, it didn’t affect the way Evie heated his blood. And regardless of how they ended up here, the primal part of his brain wouldn’t let go of the fact they were married, that Evie was his and he should be taking full advantage of that fact.

“Nick… I… I mean, we… shouldn’t… um…” Her body contradicted her words as it moved ever-so-slightly against his, her breasts rubbing against his chest, her hips returning the pressure against his straining zipper. Her breath hitched slightly, and a second later her mouth met his.

The force of Evie’s raw hunger stole the air from his lungs as her arms locked around his neck and she pulled him fully, possessively, against her. His other hand went to the wall for support, caging Evie between his body and the wall as he ground his hips and felt her shudder in response.

Her taste intoxicated him, leaving him light-headed and craving more. He moved his lips to the column of her neck, causing her to moan low in her throat, and the vibration rippled over his skin. Evie’s foot rubbed against his calf, bringing her knee up to nudge at his hip. He slid a hand under her thigh, around to the curve of her bottom and lifted. Evie’s legs twined around his waist like a sinful promise, her head falling back against the wall, giving him access to the cleft between her breasts.

She hissed as his tongue moved over the smooth skin. A quick tug on the thin straps of her shirt at her shoulders, and her breasts were bare, allowing him to pull a nipple into his mouth. Evie arched as his tongue moved over the hard point, and her fingernails dug into his shoulders.

Sweet mercy. Evie didn’t know whether to shout or cry at the sensations Nick caused. He felt heavenly; the hard heat of his body locked firmly – blissfully – between her thighs while his mouth… oh, God, his mouth…

Her brain was a mushy mash of conflicting thoughts – she still wanted to hit Nick with something hard at the same time she wanted to finish their fight and get some truths out into the open. But neither hurt pride nor anger – as strong as they were – could hold up against the overwhelming aching need that had hold of her.

This was what got her into this mess in the first place, and letting it sweep her away again was just asking for more trouble she didn’t need right now. But her brain wasn’t in control right now; her body was, and it was quite sure what it wanted.



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