Sad :-(
Thursday, April 21st, 2011

I still can’t quite believe that Beverly Barton is no longer with us. It doesn’t feel real. Or right.

Beverly was a great mentor to me — she nagged me until I finished my first book. Then she sat on me until I submitted it. And she hugged me when the rejection came. And when I finally sold, Beverly screamed almost as loud as I did. Beverly was also the one who told me I made the USA Today list — she sent me a congratulatory email, only to find out I didn’t know yet! And then she celebrated with me.

She was also a great friend. She called me her Little Diva-In-Training, and my training is still incomplete. I have so many things I need to tell her, and now I can’t.

At my very first booksigning.


At the RWA conference last July.   She was so proud that I’d won the NRCA award for Best First Book.


I’ll miss you, Beverly.

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