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Girls’ Guide is out now! (and a tease about what’s next)
Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Yay!  Although technically a little early, Amazon has started shipping Girls’ Guide to Flirting with Danger.  I’m not sure when it will be landing on bookstore shelves, but if anyone sees a copy, please snap a picture and send it to me.  Seeing my book on the shelves never gets old.  I had great fun with these two characters.  I hope y’all enjoy getting to know Megan and Devin too!

I also have breaking news for what’s coming next. Here’s how Harlequin describes my next three books:

Introducing The Marshalls

A rich, powerful family that mix business, politics…and pleasure.

If the US had a royal family – this would be it!

First up is Ethan’s story.  The Privileged and the Damned will be out in the UK in June, and in the US in August.

Running scared, Lily needs a fresh start – and, fingers crossed, she’s found one. After all, why would any of her new employers, members of the hot-shot Marshall dynasty, even think to look beyond her humble façade?

Until she catches the roving eye of infamous heartbreaker Ethan Marshall…

A fling with one of the Marshalls is a bad idea – especially for a girl with a scandalous past. But Lily is terrifyingly susceptible to Ethan’s lethal brand of high-class charm…

Don’t miss this provocative tale of secrets, lies…and blistering seduction!

The oldest Marshall brother, Brady, is set to hit the UK this fall and the US this Christmas.  I don’t know the title just yet, but I’ll update the page as soon as I get the word.   The third brother, Finn, will get his story told in early 2012. I’m very excited!

And now I must swallow my fear of the new site and get to work updating with all this news.  (I know it’s supposed to be easy to do, and the Geek insists that I can do it myself, but I live in fear I’ll mess something up.  You know how when things are so pretty and new you’re afraid to touch it because you’re worried you’ll mess it up somehow?  That’s kind of how I am with the site right now.  I’m afraid I’ll mess up my pretty new site…)

It’s alive!
Saturday, February 19th, 2011

After much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair (by me, since all this computer-y stuff is voodoo to me), my new site is now up and running!  Isn’t it lovely?

We’ll still be tweaking a few things over the next few days, but all the important information is here and ready to go.

Let me know what you think… (in the brand-spanking-new comment thread!)