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I’m back! (and other news)
Monday, July 11th, 2011

After a fabulous and fantastic trip to New York!  Technically, I was there for the RWA conference, which was amazing, as always, but the family (Darling Geek, Amazing Child and WonderMom) joined me there after the conference ended and we did some sightseeing, caught a Broadway show, and ate our way through some of the best food NY had to offer. Pictures will be forthcoming on Facebook just as soon as I find the cable to my camera…

I’m very excited to say that RT Bookreviews gave The Privileged and the Damned four stars and had this lovely nugget:  “Filled with tender moments, a unique heroine, and plenty of sexual tension, this novel will keep readers entertained.”  Squee!  (It’s available now on the eHarlequin site and will be everywhere in another couple of weeks.)

I have to go head down and full speed ahead on Finn’s book… but he’s got charm, so it’s not the worst way to spend the day!