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Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet (UK)
United Kingdom
Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet
Mills & Boon Modern, April 2012.

Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet (Australia)
Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet
Mills & Boon Sexy, May 2012.

Ciak, Motore, Azione! ~ Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet (Italy)
Ciak, Motore, Azione!
Harmony Sensual, October 2012.

Film ab für unsere Liebe! ~ Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet (Germany)
Film ab für unsere Liebe!
CORA Julia, November 2012.

Το Δικό του Αστέρι ~ Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet (Greece)
Το Δικό του Αστέρι
ΑΡΛΕΚΙΝ Desire, February 2013.

La conquista de una estrella ~ Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet (Spain)
La conquista de una estrella
Harlequin Iberica Julia, March 2013.

O PODER E O AMOR ~ Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet (Brazil)
Harlequin Jessica, May 2013.

Liefde in de spotlights ~ Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet (Netherlands)
Liefde in de spotlights
Harlequin Intiem, July 2013.

Vzkříšení hvězdy ~ Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet (Czechoslovakia)
Vzkříšení hvězdy
Harlequin Sladký život Duo, March 2014.

Powrót do Hollywood ~ Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet (Poland)
Powrót do Hollywood
Harlequin Światowe Życie DUO, February 2014.

Botrány Hollywoodban ~ Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet (Hungary)
Botrány Hollywoodban
Harlequin Júlia, June 2014.

Et høyt spill ~ Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet (Norway)
Et høyt spill
Harlequin Romantikk, August 2014.

Ett högt spel ~ Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet (Sweden)
Ett högt spel
Harlequin Romantik, August 2014.

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Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet

The Marshalls…

A rich, powerful family that mixes business, politics… and pleasure.

If the US had a royal family this would be it!

The tabloids just couldn’t get enough of A-List couple hotshot Producer Finn Marshall and Hollywood wild-child Caitlyn Reese. Then Caitlyn fled the glaring lights of Tinseltown, leaving an indelible mark on the Walk of Fame – and an empty seat on the back of his motorbike.

Now Cait is back! She’s still got the X-factor, and Finn is struggling to banish his X-rated thoughts! Because one thing is for sure…he isn’t just interested in a quick Hollywood retake…To interest him, it’ll have to be a full-budget epic remake…

This is the third Marshall book. The other two are The Privileged and the Damned and The Power and the Glory.


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She paced slowly, focusing on Rebecca until it was time. She just hoped she’d found enough focus as she took a deep breath to steel herself to do one thing she’d never thought she’d do again: wrap her arms around Finn and let him hold her.

And it nearly took her breath away.

She’d forgotten how solid he was. How much heat he generated. But what she hadn’t forgotten was the feel of him, the right place to align herself to curl perfectly against his chest, the position her head needed to be in so that Finn’s cheek could rest against her forehead. When Finn’s fingers twined through hers to pull their hands against his chest, her knees wobbled from the onslaught of sensation and memory.

“You okay?” His voice came from above her head, but she could hear it through the ear pressed against his chest as well.

“Just lost my balance there for a second. It’s these shoes,” she added.

“Of course.” But Finn laughed as he said it, and it rumbled under her cheek.

Dear heaven, the man was made to wear a uniform. She’d never known she could be such a sucker for a man in uniform, but then she’d never seen – felt, actually – one filled out quite so nicely, either. Someone called “Action,” and as everyone came to life around them, she and Finn swayed to imaginary music.

No matter how many times she tried to remind herself that it was all just for show, Finn’s earlier words were still too fresh in her mind.  The slow, seductive movements were melting her insides, causing her to feel languid and liquid.

“This feels familiar,” he mumbled.

“Indeed.” It was all she could manage at the moment. Her throat was too tight and her insides were too jumbled. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, letting the scent of him fill her lungs. Memories and emotions swirled through her. This was not good. It felt good – better than good – but deep down she knew it shouldn’t and wasn’t.

A small ache settled in her chest. She didn’t want to name it, because that would only make it worse.  She bit the inside of her lip and let the pain bring her back to reality.

Or whatever the hell she could call this situation. If anything, it had crossed the line into surreal. The layers of ridiculousness meshed and the lines blurred. She was flirting with her real-life ex who was pretending to be a potential new love on camera, while her pretend new on-camera love, who she didn’t even like in real life, got jealous of the actions of the woman she was pretending to be. All while her ex-friend, who was pretending to be her sister, seethed with pretend jealousy over the pretend new love, while honestly seething with jealousy over her ex, who was pretending… ugh. It made her head hurt when she tried to untangle it.

“It makes it easier, though.”

She tilted her head up to look at Finn. Nothing about this was easy. “What does?”

Those green eyes sucked her in and held her. “The fact we’ve done this before. What do you call it? Method?”

She swallowed, unable to break away from those eyes. “Yeah. It’s supposed to give a more genuine performance.”

“It’s too bad, then, that I’m not supposed to be seducing you. I could give a very genuine performance about that right now.”

She could feel the proof of that statement pressing against her and it sent a shiver over her skin as a fire sparked to life in her belly. Oh, so could I.

Thankfully, she heard the cue and was prepared for the hand that clasped around her elbow and jerked. Finn stiffened, but released her, and the two men glowered at each other.  Then Jason was dragging her through the crowd out of the frame.

It was easy enough to act bewildered and clumsy. And though the script didn’t call for it, she couldn’t help but look over her shoulder.

Finn didn’t look happy.  And that look was real. It shook her insides, making her realize how dangerous this actually was.


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