A great quote
Monday, August 22nd, 2011

WonderMom found this on the Story People website and I totally love it.  I’d actually love to have it printed in the front of all my books:

The people in this book, if at one time real, are now entirely fictitious, having been subjected to a combination of a selective memory and a fertile imagination. Any resemblance to real people you might know, even if they are the author’s relatives, is entirely coincidental, and is a reminder that you are imagining the incidents in this book as much as the author. (By the way, the “she” is not who you think it is, etither. So, give it up…) ~Brian Andreas


So, yes, my dear friends who know me in real life, you may be able to “hear” me in my books, but that doesn’t mean that it really happened that way (if it even happened at all)…


BTW, I love the Story People prints and have two hanging in my office: Leaves of Music and Quiet Pride.  Both were gifts from WonderMom.

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