Looking for free books?
Friday, March 9th, 2012

I get a lot of hits from people looking for free downloads of my books.

Let me just say that there are no free LEGAL copies of my books available.

Oh, there are ILLEGAL copies of my books out there.  I spend time I’d rather spend writing sending takedown notices because the people uploading these books are violating copyright and I’m just trying to protect the books I worked hard to create.

Piracy hurts authors.

Of course, piracy hurts us financially.  I make a royalty on each copy sold.  Therefore, an illegal download means I didn’t make any money off that sale.  I love writing books. It’s my job, however, and I use that money to pay my bills.  If writers don’t get paid for the books they create, they have to find other ways to pay their bills.

Piracy hurts readers because when writers have to take other jobs to pay their bills, they don’t have the same amount of time to write the books readers enjoy.

It’s a lose-lose situation.

Piracy also hurts authors because our publishers like us to prove that we’re worth the money they’re spending editing, designing covers and printing/distributing books. If we don’t sell books, we don’t get new contracts to write more books because we’re not providing a return on their investment. The thousand illegal downloads doesn’t prove to the publisher that people like our books. The publisher looks only at the books sold because that’s how they make money. Low sales equal an author who doesn’t have a publisher anymore.

That hurts readers, too. If you’ve ever wondered why an author set out to write a trilogy but only two books exist, it’s because the sales of those first two books weren’t considered good enough for the publisher to take on the third book.

Again, a lose-lose situation.

Piracy is illegal. Copyright laws exist to protect the intellectual and creative property of artists of all kinds. The pirates who upload books, music, movies, software, etc to sites so others can download them for free are breaking the law and showing disrespect for the creators of that content.  The people who download that content are stealing. It’s no different than walking into a store, shoving something down your pants and walking out. It’s theft. Period.

Some folks believe that all content should be free, and I’ll never be able to convince them otherwise. They’ll never pay for anything, no matter how many times they’re told it’s illegal and immoral to steal. However, if you believe that authors deserve to be paid for the work they create, I’m hoping you’ll go purchase their books. I know; times are tough right now and lots of people are hurting financially.  However, the library is a great place to get books you love to read for free. And it’s legal.

I’m hoping you just landed on this page because you were hoping there was a free, legal giveaway going on somewhere or maybe you were hoping the next book was available already.  I now hope that you’ll wait and get a copy legally — either through a bookstore or your local library.

If a book is available for free download, I promise I will have it listed boldly on Facebook, Twitter, my newsletter, and this site. Any other site offering free downloads of my books are doing so illegally.

Please don’t support piracy.


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2 comments to “Looking for free books?”

  1. Miesha
      · June 15th, 2015 at 9:07 pm · Link


    Ive read great reviews on a number of your books, unfortunately I can’t access any of them :/
    I live in Australia and I’m fed up with trying to source (legitimate and paid) online copies/ebooks through paid channels. Every time i go to purchase im told the title isnt available in my country. This includes download from Amazon, iTunes and scribd (paid subscription). I believe in paying authors for their work, but when the only available sources are illegal, there’s an obvious problem. Just to note, Australia has one of the highest percentages worldwide of illegal downloading, for all mediums. This is largely in part due to the contempt companies have with regards to providing adequate service to our region.

    • Kimberly Lang
        · June 16th, 2015 at 5:55 am · Link

      While I cannot speak to the availability of all media in Australia, I do know that all of my books are widely and legally available in your country, through either the Mills and Boon Australia site or Amazon AU. If you’re having trouble, I’d be happy to put you in contact with Australian readers and authors who’d be able to walk you through the process.

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