These books need a good home…
Saturday, March 31st, 2012


My books get translated into foreign languages and I get a few copies when they do. Other than the one copy I put on my bookshelf to go “How cool is that?” they sit in a box.  I’d like to find them homes (and I know a lot of other authors are in the same position).

Maybe you can help.

Do you work in a library that serves a non-English community and could use more books in foreign  languages? Do you work or volunteer in a nursing home or convalescent facility where there’s a need for books in other languages for the residents to enjoy? Maybe your church or community center runs a program for immigrants or non-native speakers?

Surely someone somewhere would benefit from these books.

All you need to do is let me know. What languages do you need? What are your plans?  Have the person who’ll collect and distribute the books contact me, and we’ll work out the details:

Not only am I willing to donate books where they’ll be useful, I’ll collect the information in to one place and make it available to other authors as well so that they can find good homes for their foreign editions.  I may not have the languages you need, but there’s an author out there who does.

Look at all those books up there… brand-new and unread. That’s a sad state for a book to be in. Let’s find them someone.

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