More Than Anything
Thursday, September 22nd, 2016

More than Anything, Shelby and Declan’s story, is available now!


More than Anything

The small, waterfront town of Magnolia Beach, Alabama, gets its fair share of tourists breezing in and out, but one handsome visitor might just be tempted to stay…

Running the Bay Breeze marina means Shelby Tanner is used to fielding strange requests from vacationers, but she is still less than amused when she gets a call in the middle of the night to rescue a boat stranded nearby. The clueless sailor is infuriatingly inexperienced—yet also frustratingly attractive.
Architect Declan Hyde only planned on stopping in Alabama briefly on his move from Chicago to Miami, but Magnolia Beach is proving to be more captivating than he imagined. For one thing, there’s the sweet, Southern charm. For another, there’s the stunning tomboy who rescued him from the bay and keeps invading his thoughts.
As the time draws near for Declan to weigh anchor, he begins to realize that Shelby may have saved more than his boat that night—and leaving Magnolia Beach might set his lonely heart permanently adrift…

I’m very excited about this book! Shelby was so much fun when she appeared in Something to Prove, and I’m so glad she’s getting her story — and the hunky Declan!

I’m also very pleased to have two of my favorite authors had an early read and said nice things about it.

The amazing (and NYT bestselling author) Virginia Kantra said, “Warm and easy as a day at the beach, with well-developed relationships and a real small-town feel. A great book to curl up with! Thank goodness there are lots of Tanner cousins!”

And the awesome Heidi Rice said, “now Kimberly Lang gives us the slow sweet sexy burn of Declan and Shelby’s story… Equal parts heart melting moments, toe-curling heat and small-town Southern charm, I LOVED it, but now I need more!”

You can get it here:

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